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Matilda is a gorgeous 138 year old treasure that was buried in a shed. The dressers condition was very poor but the original hardware was intact and the drawers worked. The owner wanted to preserve her so she’ll easily last another 100 years. These projects are challenging and you never know what you’ll find when working on something that old. What matters is her blemishes are fixed and the exterior is protected again.

The Moxie Quintet set are painted in velvety black with wood stain accents.

Maribel is a gorgeous ivory table set. The owner had a great table to start with but wanted something brighter and more undated.

Aileen is an antique dresser turned heirloom treasure. This dresser had a long list of things wrong with it. So much that the body couldn’t be restored to it’s original finish. So all it’s problems were fixed and a good quality of paint/sealer was applied to preserve this beautiful piece. Luckily the top was restorable and it compliments the soft white and flower carvings nicely! Not every antique is restorable but the next best thing is to fix and make them functional again.

Joanna was your standard golden oak table set. We all know what they look like, and they’re fine, but sometimes you want a look that stands out. The owner picked a beautiful color combination.

Greta is a gorgeous antique hutch featured in light sage green. This hutch is so charming and elegant, the owner picked a beautiful timeless color. These sentimental pieces are my favorite to work on. This hutch will be loved for many years and I’m happy for the opportunity to work on it!


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My name is Nichole Lindstrom, creator of Folkie Dot (located in Sterling, Illinois, two hours west of Chicago). I share my life with a wonderful husband and two Alaskan Malamutes. My passion is sign building, furniture restoration, and furniture flips. My goal is to keep solid wood furniture out of landfills and for antiques to be loved again. So with the support of my husband and family, in 2018 I made my hobby a full-time business. I hope Folkie Dot inspires you and gives you the creative outlet you've been searching for.


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